I have always been drawn to the magic of light. The elusive source that paints the images onto film and video, and from a very early age I have viewed the world through the viewfinder in my head.

I have been a motion picture and television professional for most of my adult life. After I graduated film school, in the 1970’s in New York City, I worked as an assistant cameraman and editor for a commercial film production company. It was a great learning experience having worked with some very talented people. It was an era before the digital image, when everything was shot and edited on film. It was a time when the craft of filmmaking was a very hands-on experience. I learned how to control and use light, and literally pieced the film together shot by shot.

But after a few years, I decided to pursue my education and received a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at the State University of New York. It wasn’t long after graduating college that I decided to drive west, and pursue a career in the motion pictures and television business in Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, I have worked at a variety of professional positions including; video camera operator, picture editor, sound editor, and independent documentary filmmaker. The documentaries I produced focused on the urban agriculture movement and history of metropolitan

Los Angeles. I invite you to view the trailers on the VIDEOS  page and to learn more about the films click on PROJECTS.

I appreciate you taking the time visiting this website, and contact me to discuss how I can be of service in helping you shoot, edit, or produce your video project.

Thank you,

Daniel P. Tripoli